Carps, clouds, ravens, curtains, grandpa, tires, fried egg, ants, and butterflies – “Utatane” is an amalgamation of photographic subjects taken from the everyday. Throughout this volume, Kawauchi trains her lens on scenes of a more mundane nature: tiny insects, flowers, and other sights that may escape the eye without warning. Through her eyes, an ordinary glass transforms into a shimmering, brilliant jewel; a single ant transforms into an object of sophistication; and the corpse of a pigeon incites terror – emanating the aura of something unapproachable. Through these scenes, one sees the juxtaposition of fear and gentleness – Utatane is a volume that sends one into rumination on life and death.

  • Title

  • Utatane

  • Design

  • Gento Matsumono

  • Size

  • 242 x 190 mm, soft cover, 128 pages

  • Price

  • 3,000 yen

  • ISBN

  • 978-4-89815-52-7

  • Publisher

  • Little More

  • Year

  • 2001