When I was seven.


Rinko Kawauchi’s photo-collection When I was seven. commemorates the 40th anniversary of the iconic fashion piece, the “cardigan pression” – a signature of the globally-renowned fashion brand agnés b. Kawauchi has composed the work in two parts – in the first half, she trains her lens on her own daughter; in the second, the photographer delves into reminiscence of her own life 40 years ago at seven years old. Within the collection, we see a story – at times serene, at times dynamic – born from an intermingling of the past and future across one woman’s precious 40 years.

  • Title

  • When I was seven.

  • Design

  • Rin Takehiro

  • Size

  • B5, soft cover, Japanese Binding, 64 pages

  • Languages

  • Japanese, English

  • Price

  • 2,800 yen

  • ISBN

  • 978-4-908062-29-2

  • Publisher

  • HeHe

  • Year

  • 2019