A New Day


Rinko Kawauchi’s A New Day is a “photographic picture-book,” in which Kawauchi’s words and photographs render a world and a sense of time for both the child and the adult. A life begins, a life ends; one finds something precious, one loses it. Images of beginning and ending intersect at a common point – these phenomena are connected. And in each of these scenes lies a new beginning; a “new day.” Here, Kawauchi uses short words and photographs to portray her own discoveries obtained through her experience of childbirth and motherhood. This is a first endeavor for Kawauchi, one in which she compiles photographs within the format of a children’s picture-book.

  • Title

  • A New Day

  • Design

  • Yoshihisa Tanaka

  • Size

  • B5, board lamination binding, 32 pages

  • Languages

  • Japanese

  • Price

  • 2,315 yen

  • ISBN

  • 978-4-7630-1809-0

  • Publisher

  • Kyuryudo

  • Year

  • 2018